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Secure payment

Payments elettonici with Credit Card, Debit Card and PayPalare carried through the systems elettornici high-security, cryptography, SSL, fornitida PayPal. Escaepescashop.it does not store any data, to ensure greater security of personal data.

Our secure payment

Using Visa/Mastercard/Paypal


On Escaepescashop.en you can choose between the following payments:


PayPal allows any business or consumer to send and receive payments in a safe, convenient and economic. The network PayPal uses the existing financial infrastructure of bank accounts and credit cards to create a payment system on a global basis and in real-time.
The name that will appear on your statement is the Bait and Fishing SaS.

N.B .: In the event of cancellation of the order by the customer, the re-credit will be reduced by the commissions retained by Paypal at the time of purchase.


The amount indicated on the waybill must be paid directly to the person in charge of the courier at the time of delivery of the package. The cost for the collection on delivery from the part of the courier is 5,00€. The maximum amount accepted for payment cash on delivery from our Courier is 500 Euro.


For faster shipping you can send to us via fax or e-mail the payment details or wait for the ns. The bank inform us of the payment.


This type of payment can be made via the website of the Poset Italian, or at any post office with an additional cost of € 1.00. The receipt of the amount occurs in real time, reducing to the minimum the time of testing and, consequently, of the shipment of the ordered items.

All prices are inclusive of I. V. A.

In case you need the Invoice, this must be requested immediately after you have placed the order. Can be requested via e-mail, telephone or fax, by sending the necessary data (name, vat, etc.). Otherwise, the order will be attached, as is standard practice, the Packing List.