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  • Monofilament Trabucco T-Force XPS MATCH SINKING mt. 150. Monofilament of japanese production designed and created for fishing or with the feeder. The main feature of this innovative monofilament is the high specific weight which allows it to sink into the water with extreme ease.

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  • Monofilament English X7 JTM coils from mt. 200. The X7 “ENGLISH” is the answer JTM to the needs of the fishermen who love the techniques of anglo-saxon derivation, and that involve the use of a wire of greater specific weight, to hide it from the negative influence of the wind, is fishing with the Waggler, is to legering turned with the Feeder.

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  • Monofilament Trabucco T-Force XPS FEEDER PLUS mt. 150. The Ledgering is a fishing technique in continuous expansion all over Europe, and it is for this that was introduced a more improved version for this fishing technique. In particular, particular attention was paid to the abrasion resistance and the sinking.

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