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  • 60,00 € 74,00 € In Stock

    Rapture STEYR ROCKER. Set of two rods for fishing Light and Ultra Light, both in freshwater and in the sea. Each of the two rods which is composed of the series uses a different top in full-carbon. The various actions of the top are fundamental in the choice of fishing by practicing.    

    60,00 € 74,00 €
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  • 71,20 € 89,00 € -20% Product available with different options

    Rod Rapture PLUME - Trout Area Series dedicated to the world of Area Trout, new and dynamic technique of fishing ultra-light more and more in growth between the spinner Italian, which consists of four rods, two with vettino in full-carbon, grafted from the top and glued, and two with the top tube.

    71,20 € 89,00 € -20%
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  • 98,00 € 138,00 € In Stock

    Rod Rapture XRAY CREATURES AND WORM ft. 7 oz. 3/16-5/8 Each model is designed independently of the other for a single technique or related techniques. Every single detail is been taken care in a perfect way in order to obtain one of the most beautiful cane for Pro Bass Anglers.

    98,00 € 138,00 €
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  • 159,20 € 199,00 € -20% In Stock

    Rod Rapture WIVERN REQUIEM WVC651-M ft. 6'5" oz. 1/4-1. Three models for the casting of absolute importance, characterized by unfusto very thin high modulus carbon CX-NANO Carbon,carefully designed to have rapid action.

    159,20 € 199,00 € -20%
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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items